confidently embrace your speaker identity to amplify your impact

whether you're craving 1:1 support or community, we're going to go all in on your biggest goals to help you create more reach + revenue without sacrificing rest

Visibility tour challenge

speaker identity minimind

A 30-day video curriculum that will challenge you to create video marketing content that attracts speaking engagements!

Step into your speaker identity, create your speaker portfolio, and map out an intentional visibility strategy that amplifies your impact and attracts paying clients out of the blue.

the speaker experience mastermind

Become wildly confident, take up more space, book speaking engagements, launch the movement, and amplify your impact like never before while creating more space to embrace the whole damn vibe lifestyle. 

the ultimate speaker experience

You have a story worth sharing, a unique perspective folks need to hear, and a mission of impact that deserves to be amplified.

Whether you're a thought leader, speaker, or wannabe speaker... you're ready to go all in and embrace your speaker identity like never before. You're in the right place—pick your adventure below!

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Adventure #2: attract clients through speaking

Adventure #3: amplify your impact through speaking

the ultimate speaker experience (Private coaching + VIP BUNDLE)

You're ready to go ALL IN. Lock-in all three programs to amplify your impact through speaking this 2024!

The most customized program where we coach daily on amplifying your impact while embracing the whole damn vibe lifestyle. Ready to create more reach, revenue, and rest than ever before?

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Adventure #4: go all in on your speaker identity

not sure where to start and want to get a taste?!

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A diverse and hella supportive community where you'll be held accountable, meet your new biz besties, and celebrate your growth every step of the way!

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Join us as we dive into how to confidently step into your brand and share your mission of impact with the world while creating more white space in your life to do the things you love.

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