why is it that the more you grow your business, the more glued to your phone—and instagram—you become?


One of the main reasons I started this business was for freedom.

I was sick of working corporate, being overworked and burnt out, and having literally no time to myself. My life was my career. Ew.

So when I took my business full-time, I was so freaking ecstatic!

Finally I had the freedom I had been craving.

I was booking clients, doing something I loved, and taking random days off during the week to go to the beach.

It was a vibeeeee.

I know that feeling all too well

but it wasn't true freedom

One day—thanks to the brutal reality check from my coach—I came to realize I didn’t actually have that much freedom.

I was in fact doing way too many things and usually working anywhere between 8 to 12 hours a day.

That was not what my dream life looked like in my head.

Not even close.

It wasn’t even sustainable if I wanted to grow my business further.

So off I went on a mission.

A mission to find more balance and true freedom.

That year, I took a hard look at my to-do list and calendar—I love scheduling everything out hahaha I’m a little OCD with my tasks.

what I did next, changed the way my business and life looked for good

I cut down all the random tasks that weren’t money-making activities and were just keeping me stuck and busy, I delegated a whole lot to my wife (my trusty business partner and team), I re-prioritized how I wanted to show up and serve my community, and I set very strong boundaries.

This led to the dream life I’d been craving the entire time.

I was finally able to protect my evenings and weekends, I was able to cut my hours down to roughly 3 to 5 hours a day, I took two whole months off work to enjoy quality time with family and friends as well as do some travelling, and I even started to take all Fridays off!

And so, 4-day work weeks became the new normal.

& my need to be constantly glued to my phone?

It went away.

Because now I had stronger boundaries and a visibility and marketing strategy that worked for me—bringing folks to me who are ready AF to put the work in to completely change their own current reality.


You get to ditch the hustle, the constant race to hit financial milestones, and build a thriving business that doesn't take away from you living life to the fullest. You get to have a healthy obsession with your business, create real impact through your free content and paid offers, while having more space on your calendar to make new memories with your loved ones. It's the whole damn vibe movement.

on a mission to change lives

steph is multi-passioonate AF, do you can bet your lil booty that there's not just one mission, but two

Steph is making it her mission to help underrepresented folks embrace their speaker identity and amplify their impact. The more diversity we experience in the world, the more beautiful, caring, and stronger it becomes. We need more Latinas, BIPOC, Queer, and Neurospicy folks sharing their stories and unique perspectives. VAMOS MI GENTE!



the queen of leadership & visibility

Hey, I’m Steph—the freaking queen of leadership + visibility.

I specialize in helping you break the rules and diversify your marketing outside social media through strategic partnerships that expose you to untapped audiences filled with dream clients ready to invest.

I’m talking about the kind of exposure that brings in 1800 members (aka: new friends and pre-vetted leads) into my challenges on the very first round.

The kind of exposure that leads to folks hearing you talk on a podcast and immediately reach out to work with you even though they didn’t even know you existed a day ago.

Fierce leadership and visibility is my freaking jam.

I make it my mission to help others realize that the key to scaling their business to 6-figures and above without putting in more hours is to expand their brand and start getting visible in front of the right people.

I’ve built my business by leveraging genuine connections that get me invited to speak inside masterminds, summits, and podcasts. The kind that get me in front of thousands of people in just one day, bring in over 1800 pre-vetted members into my challenges, and has folks “feeling called” to reach out to me and inquire about working together.


get to know the person behind the brand

Some fun facts about me + things I’m into:

Wine is my love language. Malbec's are literally the best (yes, I'm biased—born and raised in Argentina!)

I'm a total dork and think I'm hilarious. Not in a traditional way, but in an I'm-foreign-and-say-weird-things kind of way

Being both Hispanic and part of the LGBT+ community, I’m all about diversity, inclusivity, and representation

I love collecting items such as cute ceramic bowls, beautiful scarves, lipstick, and unique board games

I'm obsessed with Spanish Netflix shows, all things tapas, and making traditional dishes (like paella or empanadas!)

Let’s be honest, I’m daydreaming of one day living in a Spanish villa! It's a whole damn vibeeee

whole damn vibe

The podcast was created for folks who are ready to break the rules in both business and life in order to take up space and unapologetically go after what you want.

Join us as we dive into how to confidently step into your brand and share your mission of impact with the world while creating more white space in your life to do the things you love.

Welcome to the whole damn vibe movement!


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