so you're a hard-working, multi-passionate CEO ready for some big moves

You dream of financial and time freedom—getting booked out with dream clients, working less hours while money continues to roll in, and investing in things that bring you joy (hello, adventure and travel!)

​With your passion and determination, anything is possible.

You’ve been putting in the hours, learning all the strategies, and building a business that you’re pretty freaking proud of.

Buuuuuuut you want more and you know you could use an extra bit of help to bring your brand and business to new heights.

i want someone to guide me


meet Steph

Through testing out all the marketing and sales strategies, going down the hustle-every-single-day-path, and reaching many points of full-on burnout, I eventually uncovered how to prioritize balance while running a massively successful business.

Stepping into my CEO role took time, and it's something that I choose to continuously work on.

Now that I've uncovered my signature visibility framework that allows me to be an impactful leader and effortlessly attract dream clients on a regular basis, I make it my mission to help other multi-passionate entrepreneurs step into strategies that are truly aligned and set up for success.

I'm ready for *my* next level

the queen of leadership & visibility

You heard me talk about my signature visibility framework, but what is that exactly?!

Simply put, it’s a method of showing up that helps folks see you as a fierce leader—someone worth paying attention to. It’s a framework that allows you to step into your most authentic self and impact thousands of people through your area of expertise, all so that you continue to gain more exposure and become wildly in demand with clients that love to pay you.

I have a passion for figuring out how to do things more effortlessly so that we can stop wasting time, trying all the things, and feeling defeated.

​Because life should be about making memories with loved ones, drinking more wine, and having more adventures.

I’m done wasting time and waiting for things to happen.

Are you?

I want to make a greater impact!

I know how hard it can be to do it all on your own

That’s why I’m here for you—to help build a business and brand that is unapologetically you and allows you to pursue your passion and hit higher income goals.

Grab a glass of wine, your favourite notebook, and let’s get cracking!

can you be my co-ceo?!

Wine is my love language.
Malbec's are literally the best (yes, I'm biased—born and raised in Argentina!).

I'm a total dork and think I'm hilarious. Not in a traditional way, but in a I'm-foreign-and-say-weird-things kind of way.

I'm obsessed with ceramic bowls, Spanish Netflix shows, lipstick, and board games.

the person behind the brand

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