whole damn vibe

A high-level coaching program for the multi-passionate entrepreneur who is ready to break the rules, become the go-to leader in your field, and confidently expand the areas of your business that light you up.

The goal is to take action with more ease so that you can build a more sustainable and thriving business that allows you to live a life that’s a whole damn vibe.



what does “whole damn vibe” even mean???


“whole damn vibe”


Having a business that’s a whole damn vibe is finding a way to do things that allows for true sustainability, for more flow and ease, and true alignment in every decision you make.

It’s when you’re truly obsessed with everything you create, you become more confident and unapologetic in how you show up, and results come to you easier because you’re no longer forcing everything or playing by the rules.

It’s when you start to define success on your own terms.

“whole damn vibe”


Having a life that’s a whole damn vibe is about creating more white space in your calendar, taking up new hobbies, and doing more of the things that make you truly happy.

It’s when you start living your life to the fullest instead of waiting for some arbitrary milestone to be reached—like signing your next client, finally making x-figures, or waiting for retirement *rolls their eyes*.

It’s when you look around and realize—holy f*cking shit, this is my life!!!

You’re glued to your phone most days—you have a powerful message and bomb offers but you can only gain as much exposure as the algorithm allows you to

You’re stuck trading time for money—you’re amazing at what you do but your calendar is busy AF and you wish you could diversify your income

No one knows who you are beyond IG—you’ve created a very loyal community on Instagram but outside of that, you’re lacking the brand recognition that can attract folks to you who are ready to invest

You compare yourself to your competitors—you know you’re good at what you do, you may even consider yourself a thought-leader (or soon-to-be one), but often find yourself diminishing your unique gifts by trying to do things “their” way

Your marketing + selling requires you to be constantly “on”—if only there was a way to create content and be visible without having to show up 24/7

You are your business—as much as you love what you do, you didn’t start this business to work with clients all day, work on the biz all evening, sleep and repeat

You’re sick and tired of the status quo—yes, you love money, but there’s so much more to life that needs to be talked about! What about waking up happy? What about making a difference and creating impact?

any of these sound familiar?


Showcase your authority beyond social media—to be widely recognized for your expertise and ability to completely change the way folks run their business and their lives

Be invited into rooms filled with powerful leaders—to be seen as a peer by folks who are killing it in their industry and who want to partner up with you in cool ways to help better serve your mutual communities and impact the masses

Passionately share your message on a larger scale—to have a platform and opportunities to reach and impact more people beyond your high-ticket offers through speaking opportunities, partnerships, and other media features

Call in paying clients in record timing—to position yourself as the authority folks want to work with as soon as they first find out about you, deliver a next-level experience that brings repeat clients, and creates a community of raving fans that refer you to all of their friends

Diversify your marketing and visibility to bring in leads and cash injections—to expand your reach and leverage that exposure to continuously bring in hundreds of spicy hot leads and passive sales into your biz while you go on yet another wine tasting

Change lives; To change the world—to be able to share your mission to help break the rules, break the cycle, break the narrative, and spread awareness around the social issues you and your community care so deeply about

Step into your most unapologetic and authentic self—to stop comparing yourself to other high-level entrepreneurs and instead own all of your quirks, your uniqueness, and even your flaws, and leverage them to truly stand out and call in your soulmate clients

Create a life that’s a whole damn vibe—to prioritize spending time doing things that bring you joy and living a life you’re obsessed with, and utilizing that vibe to then fuel a business you’re highly aligned with and passionate about

you’re ready to break the rules of what business “should” look like—you’re ready to…


I remember the moment I decided that I was done hustling my ass off and that I wanted to have my dream life now.

I was done feeling like if I wasn't on social media all freaking day, creating content, and keeping tabs on engagement, I wouldn't make another sale—I wouldn't succeed.

I was ready for true balance. I wanted shorter workdays and the ability to have long lunch breaks out on the patio while I got my tan on. I wanted to have all evenings and weekends off to hangout with friends. I wanted to take morning bubble baths, play tennis in the evenings, and go on more wine tasting adventures with my wifey.

That’s when I decided to hunker down and make my dream of building a life where emotional wealth, pure happiness, and freedom were non-negotiable. I decided that I wanted to wake up happy, I wanted to stop tying my self-worth to financial success, and I wanted to help others redefine success for themselves.

With this new shift in perspective, I started to make decisions based on how I wanted to live my life instead of how I saw other successful people doing things. I started to break the rules, to show up more unapologetically—confident, quirky, and with no f*cks given. I uncovered my true power through visibility which positioned me as the go-to leader in my field and gained next-level brand recognition and exposure—the kind where new folks hear about you and go “holy shit, thiiiiiis is exactly what I need!”. That’s how I started to attract folks who were just as multi-passionate as me, who had similar values, and who were looking for support in the exact areas I specialized in.

Soon enough, I stopped working 12+ hours each day and welcomed 4-hour workdays, and month-long vacations every year. My new normal became hanging out with friends on their boat while new inquiries came in, passive sales were made, and my business did the heavy lifting for me.

That’s what having a business and life that’s a whole damn vibe looks like to me.

i’ve been in your shoes and daaaamn do I know what it’s like…


you are worthy of being in the room surrounded by other successful and highly driven womxn


Join us inside this high-level mastermind and step into unwavering confidence, create more impact through your offers, inspire others by spreading your message and showing them what becomes possible, and expand together alongside some badass entrepreneurs.


My favorite part of working together was that it was a combination of learning and application.

I loved learning more about what visibility was and the many different ways to be seen. It was then great to take what she had taught me and apply it directly during our time together.

I work best when having someone to actively help me and bounce ideas off of, and Steph was such a knowledgeable and amazing guide! Also really loved being able to ask any question that popped into my head. Steph is such a fun coach and I had a great time during our intensive! 


Working with Steph has been an amazing experience. She has helped me realize that being my own boss means choosing the life I want and creating a business that supports it. 

Visibility was a difficult thing for me. It's something that I've resisted since starting my business, and now I've been able to look at it as something to be excited about—not fear.

Steph has helped implement positive change that has affected my business as well as my personal life. She has been incredibly supportive and encouraging in changing my mindset and setting boundaries. I can't thank her enough.

our main focus inside whole damn vibe


Prioritize living your best life no matter what in order to bring more happiness, more confidence in yourself, and a sense of unf*ck-withable energy into your business


Step further into your role as a leader in order to build trust and authority with your community, but mostly, to build trust and confidence in yourself so that you do not waiver when making decisions and scaling your business

Expand Your Authority + ImpacT

Create and expand ways of showing up and running your business that align with who you are, feel less forced, and give you next-level exposure while magnetizing folks to you and your vibe

Expand Your Brand + Marketing + Visibility

Diversify your income so that you’re no longer trading time for money and instead attract new clients and sales in unexpected ways

Expand Your Income

what's included



Weekly Masterminding

Live group calls where you can bring to the table what you’re working on or struggling with and have the full support from Steph and the rest of the community to coach, brainstorm, and challenge you to create a business that’s a whole damn vibe

Group Voxer

Daily access to Steph and the rest of the community through a messaging app you can use to ask questions, receive light coaching, pick their brain, and celebrate!

Private Support

Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions to help map out the months ahead, create custom strategies for your business, and receive in-depth support on what you need most at that moment

The Vault

Access to various pre-recorded trainings, riffs, challenges, workshops, and bonus resources all created around the key pillars of the program—expanding your authority, brand visibility, income, and life—to help support you through the main mission inside this program of building a business and life that’s a whole dime vibe

Content Review

My eyes on the stuff you’re working on (ie: launch plans, new offers or frameworks, presentations, sales pages, etc.) for feedback on how to best enhance your work and set yourself up for success

the investment



7,000 USD

*flexible payment plans available—just ask!

— Ruby

Working with Steph allowed me to build my confidence and be able to raise my prices. She was also able to provide me with many ideas that would help me gain leads and build an email list.

With Steph's help I was able to step into my uniqueness and create what is now my signature framework (because who said we all have to do it the same way). She provided me with so much support!

When a question was asked, she didn't give an answer, she provided top notch responses—1 question would have a multiple step break down to help implement. 

Everything about this program was amazing and I would 1000% recommend working with Steph to everyone. Steph was amazing to work with! 

— KP

Each week meeting with Steph felt like meeting with a close friend.

Before working together, I was kind of iffy on what visibility meant, and now I know exactly how to increase my visibility going forward, and I couldn't be more excited to try out all of these different avenues.

If it weren't for Steph, I'd still be in the same hamster wheel of relying too much on social media for clients.

I would highly recommend working with Steph for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to take it up a notch and be seen in a whole new way!

have you met steph before?!

A quirky latina known as the queen of leadership + visibility who thrives on breaking the rules and prioritizing fun in her life and business.

She specializes in helping folks diversify their marketing outside social media through strategic partnerships that expose them to untapped audiences filled with dream clients ready to invest.

Steph is known for her fiery passion and her signature framework—the exact framework that brought in $22k in sales from one podcast interview alone, got her in front of 6,600 ideal clients who saw her as a leader they could trust, and brought in 1,700 folks into her challenge on the very first week of launching.

When Steph isn't coaching clients on all things business, you can find her with a big glass of red wine, watching Spanish shows on Netflix, and making paella. Let’s be honest, she's day-dreaming of one day living in a Spanish villa! It's a whole damn vibeeee.


Getting comfortable with owning who you are—with all of your quirks and flaws, breaking the rules of what it looks like to be a successful entrepreneur, and being your most unapologetic and best self.

Putting a big focus on serving your community, to impact, shift perspectives, and leave the world a better place than you found it. To fully believe that we all get to expand and thrive when we work together.

Creating a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone based on different ethnicities, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, neurodiversity, ability, and perspectives. There is so much we can learn from each other and do in order to become better leaders and human beings. Everyone belongs in the room.

Prioritizing wealth in all sense of the word; finding true happiness, surrounding yourself with people and things that bring you joy, and having the freedom to do the things we love. 

what we value inside the mastermind


client love & a peek at what's possible

frequently asked questions

What is your coaching style?

I take a hybrid approach when supporting my clients that combines both coaching and mentorship techniques.

As a coach, I ask the important questions and challenge you to make decisions for yourself in a way that feels good. I will never force you to run your business in a specific way as I know the importance of making your own decisions and finding ways to do things that are aligned AF.

As a mentor, I share the exact strategies and concepts that I love the most and that my clients experience the best results with. You literally get direct access to my highly strategic and creative brain.

When does the program start and how long is it?

This mastermind coaching program starts on March 13, 2023 and runs for a total of 7-months. Since we value ditching the hustle and creating a life that’s a whole damn vibe, we will be taking a mini-break from calls for the month of TBD. This means you actually get a bonus month of Voxer-only coaching during the break (what brings it from 6 to 7-mths)!

What do the weekly mastermind calls look like?

The weekly calls are strictly hot-seat-coaching. This means you come prepared with questions or anything you want feedback on inside the live call and both Steph and the rest of the community share their thoughts, feedback, and ideas!

Don’t worry, we’re structuring this in a way where you won’t just get 2-minutes of air time each week ;).

When do the live coaching calls take place?

The weekly calls will be scheduled around the availability of the folks who join the mastermind and will likely be at the same date and time each week (subject to having 2 rotating times).

Please note availability will have to coincide with the time zone Steph is in during the span of the program (currently PST).

If you happen to miss a call, replays will be made available!

What if I need more private support?

If you find that you want more in-depth support on top of the monthly 1:1 call, you can upgrade to full private coaching. You’ll still have access to the mastermind and the community, but will also have up to 4 private coaching calls each month.

What’s the investment? Do you offer payment plans?

The Whole Damn Vibe Mastermind investment is $7,000 USD for the entire program.

If you need a flexible payment plan, there’s a 6- or 12-month option available!

How do I know if this program is the right fit for me?

In reading this sales page, do you resonate with the content? Do you find that you’re like “uggggghhhh, yes, yes, yes”? If that’s the case, it’s probably because you’re meant to join this program!!

If you’re still unsure, don’t worry, I can help! Just fill out the application and we’ll have a no-pressure chat where I can answer all of your questions before you decide to join.

it's time to break the rules and welcome more ease into your business and life

this is exactly what i need

Join an intimate mastermind where comparison and hierarchy don't exist, where everyone openly supports each other, and you can expand together into whatever a "whole damn vibe" means to you

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