12-month mastermind

the speaker experience

omg I wana speak on stages!

Become so confident in your speaker identity, brand essence, and thought leadership so you can get your mission wildly visible and create more reach, revenue, and rest.

Make 5-figures through one event, speak on stages, bring in 6-figures just from visibility!

You started your business because you want to help people AND experience freedom

You are so damn good at what you do. You have groundbreaking thoughts, concepts, and frameworks. Your clients literally rave about you because your work goes deeper than most. So why is going bigger and amplifying your impact so freakin hard?

The problem is that you weren’t built to play by the rules. The ways other coaches preach will help you scale leave you feeling like you’re stuck doing things a certain way because you should and not because you genuinely want to.

Not everyone wants to build an agency, create complex funnels, or charge an arm and a leg for your services. You want to do things on your terms.

So far, you’ve been relying on traditional ways to take up space and market your business

The success you’ve experienced has been reliant on traditional marketing, your capacity to show up, AND your capacity to take on more clients. You’re ready to go bigger and bolder than ever before.

That means getting creative with your visibility. It means embracing your inner thought leader and speaker identity. It’s about finding fun and collaborative ways to get in front of new audiences so that you can create more reach and revenue without sacrificing rest.


Visibility through speaking can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you

If done intentionally that is ;).

You get to leverage visibility so that you can serve more people through your free and paid offers, while creating more white space on your calendar to embrace your whole damn vibe lifestyle from day one.

Take a look at what speaking, collabs, and partnerships can do

  • Get paid to speak in front of 2,000 folks who want to learn about your concepts
  • Generate daily passive sales for weeks at a time after speaking at a conference
  • Welcome 1,700 members into your challenge through a strategic partnership
  • Generate a $20k CASH injection for the month through just one visibility event
  • Go on road trips with the kids, travel around Europe, and take 2-months off the business while speaking engagements and other collabs continue to amplify your message


the speaker experience MASTERMIND


Amplifying your impact and expanding as a speaker allows you to transcend past the rules and shoulds that coaches in the online space perpetuate. You get to step into a reality where you get to go deeper into your core identity, your strengths, your values, your mission, and leverage speaking and community to create more reach and revenue without sacrificing rest.

It’s a whole damn vibe.


Ready for 12-months of high-level and high-touch support?

Holy shit yeah… Did I forget to mention this program is a full year of me and a highly diverse community supporting you every step of the way?!


Weekly Masterminding

Live group calls where you can bring to the table what you’re working on or struggling with and have the full support from Steph and the rest of the community to coach, brainstorm, and challenge you to create a business that’s a whole damn vibe

daily message support

Daily access to Steph and the rest of the community through Slack (a messaging app) you can use to ask questions, get your butt coached, pick their brain, and celebrate!


Access to various pre-recorded trainings, riffs, and bonus resources all created around the key pillars of the program—confidence, thought leadership, visibility through speaking, and the whole damn vibe lifestyle—to help support you through the main mission inside this program of building a business and life that’s a whole damn vibe


My eyes on the stuff you’re working on (ie: launch plans, new offers or frameworks, presentations, sales pages, etc.) for feedback on how to best enhance your work and set yourself up for success


project #1: BE the vibe

Through this challenge you will get really clear with what lifestyle would make you feel like a whole damn vibe, and bring it into reality starting from day one

project #2: Visibility Tour

Through this challenge you will position yourself as an in-demand speaker through video marketing on socials to help attract speaking opportunities out of the blue

And that’s just the “features”

This is ultimately a mastermind, and in true mastermind fashion, we’re spending an entire year together getting to know your business inside and out, coaching you every step of the way so that you take action in building a business on your own terms.

It's a whole new way of taking up space and going bigger in your business and your dreams. You get to do it YOUR way. You get to embrace all of who you are at the core level. And you get to do it in a fun and sustainable way through speaking that allows you to prioritize your whole damn vibe lifestyle from day one.



6,000 USD

You’re ready to create more reach and revenue without sacrificing rest… so what’s next?!

  • 12-Months of Mastermind Coaching

  • Unlimited Daily Message Support

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • A Diverse Community

  • Fun Challenges (ie: Visibility Tour, and BE The Vibe)



500 USD

*12-mth payment plan

  • 12-Months of Mastermind Coaching

  • Unlimited Daily Message Support

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • A Diverse Community

  • Fun Challenges (ie: Visibility Tour, and BE The Vibe)
Doors to the Speaker Experience Mastermind are officially open. Apply right now to enroll and secure your spot for the next cohort!

Let’s talk about the other important details—like the investment!


Working with Steph has been an amazing experience. She has helped me realize that being my own boss means choosing the life I want and creating a business that supports it. 

Visibility was a difficult thing for me. It's something that I've resisted since starting my business, and now I've been able to look at it as something to be excited about—not fear.

Steph has helped implement positive change that has affected my business as well as my personal life. She has been incredibly supportive and encouraging in changing my mindset and setting boundaries. I can't thank her enough.

GO FROM 12-HR DAYS TO 12-HR WEEKS—you deserve to have a hustle-free business that creates more white space on your calendar than you know what to do with

MAKE SPEAKING A PART OF YOUR BUSINESS MODEL—book speaking engagements, become wildly visible, and generate multiple 5-figures from one speaking engagement alone!

CALL IN PAYING CLIENTS IN RECORD TIMING—position yourself as the leader folks want to work with as soon as they first find out about you

MAKE YOUR MISSION OF IMPACT WILDLY VISIBLE—share your unique thoughts, concepts, and mission on a larger scale to help shift perspectives and raise awareness around the social issues you care so deeply about

UNAPOLOGETICALLY TAKE UP SPACE AS A THOUGHT LEADER—stop comparing yourself and instead own all of your unique quirks, your flaws, and everything that society says isn't "enough", to truly stand out and build a powerful brand folks love

CREATE A LIFE THAT'S A WHOLE DAMN VIBE—prioritize making new memories with loved ones, doing things that bring you joy, and living the life you've always wanted



...what do you want your WDV lifestyle to look like?! whatever it is, we'll help you create it inside the wdv mastermind ;)

This mastermind was created for thought leaders, speakers, and change-makers like you


My favorite part of working together was that it was a combination of learning and application.

I loved learning more about what visibility was and the many different ways to be seen. It was then great to take what she had taught me and apply it directly during our time together.

I work best when having someone to actively help me and bounce ideas off of, and Steph was such a knowledgeable and amazing guide! Also really loved being able to ask any question that popped into my head. Steph is such a fun coach! 



The moment I realized my business had generated an additional $100k in revenue exclussively from speaking gigs and other visibility opportunities, I was like "oh f*******ck!! more people need to know about this!!"

Through various speaking gigs, strategic partnerships, and other visibility opportunities, I reverse engineered my signature visibility framework—the exact framework that brought in $22k in sales from one podcast interview alone, got me in front of 6,600 ideal clients who saw me as a leader and thought “holy shit, thiiiiiis is exactly what I need!”, and brought in 1,700 folks into my challenge on the very first week of launching.

Through the frameworks inside the Speaker Experience Mastermind, we've helped clients book speaking engagements, launch podcasts, host retreats, launch second businesses, and earn multiple 5-figures in revenue from one speaking engagement alone! All while creating more space to enjoy the business and lifestyle they've created.

This is why the Speaker Experience Mastermind puts a big focus on visibility—it's one of the vibiest ways to sustainably create more reach, revenue, and rest!

I remember the moment I decided that I was done hustling my ass off and that I wanted to have my dream life now.

I was done feeling like if I wasn't on social media all freaking day, creating content, and keeping tabs on engagement, I wouldn't make another sale—I wouldn't succeed.



That's when I started to make decisions based on how I wanted to live my life instead of how I saw other successful people doing things. I started to break the rules by finding ways to show up that felt good. I started embracing my brand more unapologetically—the confident parts of me that were too "aggressive", my quirky Latinidad, the way that my brain thinks differently, and the things I care deeply about. 

That's when I truly started to embody impactful thought leadership and speaking as a skill. As I became more confident in my speaker identity, I uncovered my true power through visibility. 

Soon enough, I stopped working 12+ hours each day and welcomed 4-hour workdays, and month-long vacations every year. My new normal became hanging out with friends on their boat while new inquiries came in and passive sales were made all while visibility did the heavy lifting for me.

I wanted to take morning bubble baths, play tennis in the evenings, and go on more wine tasting adventures with my wifey

That’s what having a business and life that’s a whole damn vibe looks like to me

Working with Steph allowed me to build my confidence and step into my uniqueness to create what is now my signature framework (because who said we all have to do it the same way). She provided me with so much support!

When a question was asked, she didn't give an answer, she provided top notch responses—1 question would have a multiple step break down to help implement. 

Everything was amazing and I would 1000% recommend working with Steph to everyone.



it's such a vibe when the group chat is litttt with folks asking questions, supporting each other, and celebrating all kinds of wins (big and small!)

Each week meeting with Steph felt like meeting with a close friend.

Before working together, I was kind of iffy on what visibility meant, and now I know exactly how to increase my visibility going forward, and I couldn't be more excited.

If it weren't for Steph, I'd still be in the same hamster wheel of relying too much on social media for clients.

I would highly recommend working with Steph for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to take it up a notch and be seen in a whole new way!

— KP

Check out some FAQs about the mastermind

You made it to the end! Still mulling things over? Fair enough—I want you to make one hell of an empowered decision

What is your coaching style?

I take a coach-first approach. Meaning that I’ll guide you by asking intentional questions to help uncover your own version of how you’d like to scale your business, explore what’s really holding you back when challenges arise, and gently guide you to your own breakthroughs.

When needed, you also get to pick my brain! I’m an open book that will share all the ideas, the strategy, and help you brainstorm all the ways that you can go even bolder with your vision!

How is this mastermind different from others?

This program is being intentionally built to foster a highly diverse community where everyone is welcome to take up space and share their own ideas and perspectives while we expand together. I’ve worked with mostly Latinx, Queer, WOC, Neurospicy, and other folks with a deep mission who are kind, driven, and hell-bent in making a difference in the world.

On an entirely different tangent, the curriculum itself is built in a way where you get to tune into lessons and riffs based on what you need coaching on at the time. This program is not built as a course where you have to go through lessons in a specific order in order to succeed. You hop in and get what you want when you want.

When does the program start?

The next cohort starts March 2024 and runs for a total of 12-months. 

Since we value ditching the hustle and prioritizing the whole damn vibe lifestyle, we’ll be taking a mini break from calls during the month of December.

When do the live coaching calls take place?

Calls will be scheduled once everyone is enrolled and we have a chance to take a poll on everyone’s availability. Please note availability will have to coincide with the time zone Steph is in during the span of the program. Past cohorts have had calls at 10am PST and 2pm PST to help accommodate different time zones.

Replays will be made available for folks who have conflicts or want to double up on coaching!

What’s the investment? Do you offer payment plans?

The Speaker Experience Mastermind investment is $6,000 USD for the entire year.

If you need a flexible payment plan, there’s a 12-month option available at $500 USD/month!

How do I know if this program is right for me?

If you’re still here loving what you’re reading, there’s a good chance this is the perfect program for you and you’re feeling a little nervous and excited at the same time. That’s so freakin normal!

You can apply right now. It’ll be entirely no-pressure—simply an opportunity to hop on a call with Steph, ask all of your burning questions, and make sure you feel empowered before making the final decision. We’d love to have you!


this is exactly what i need

Join an intimate mastermind where comparison and hierarchy don't exist, where everyone openly supports each other, and you can expand together into whatever a "whole damn vibe" means to you

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