you’re a whole damn vibe, worthy of getting seen by the right people who are ready to invest in you

It’s time to stop relying solely on social media and being glued to your phone refreshing your Instagram every 5 seconds. Instead, allow your badass inner leader to shine (quirks and all) and expand your brand and visibility so that you start getting seen in all the right places.


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WDV is a free + hella vibey space where Latinx, Queer, WOC, Neurospicy, and other cool folks come together to network, support each other, and get stuff done! 

Join us as we dive into how to confidently step into your brand and share your mission of impact with the world while creating more white space in your life to do the things you love.

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A coaching program for underrepresented folks ready to become so confident in your speaker identity, brand essence, and thought leadership so you can get your mission wildly visible and create more reach, revenue, and rest

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There are so many ways—both free and paid—to take that first step towards building a business and life you're genuinely obsessed with. Start by checking out some of our favourites below!

Leadership + Visibility Coach

Steph (she/her) is a Latina Leadership + Visibility Coach, who specializes in helping folks build confidence and make their impact wildly visible without being constantly glued to their phones.

Her mission is to help folks realize you can have a life that's a whole damn vibe—you can create more white space in your calendar, take up new hobbies, and do more of the things that make you truly happy. You can start living your life to the fullest today instead of waiting for some arbitrary milestone to be reached—like signing your next client, finally making x-figures, or waiting for retirement.

That's why she created the #wholedamnvibe movement!

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