you are tired of feeling like the only way to “make it big” is to put in more hours, sweat, and tears

uh yeah, that's bullsh*t

You’re looking for a coach that does things differently. Someone who knows the strategies but is also willing to break the rules in order to make this whole running a business thing feel easier, less draining, and a whole lot of fun.

A leader who is willing to ditch the pursuit of perfectionism, in favour of being unapologetically real (I’m talking about the quirks, the attitude, and everything that makes you—you).

The co-CEO who will challenge you to think bigger, to share your message on a larger scale because folks need what you’re creating, and to step into that fierce leadership role you’ve been dying to embody but were a little too scared to claim as your own.


fiercely visible

Ready to be fiercely visible?

it’s time to stand out from the competition and gain massive exposure by leveraging your most unique asset: your magnetizing personality

Join us inside The Fiercely Visible CEO Podcast as we dive into how to become a wildly in demand leader that prioritizes balance, makes scary yet aligned decisions, and unapologetically breaks the rules in order to build the life of their dreams.


my mission

To show to others that life—and business—isn’t one-size fits all.

You are allowed to make your own decisions, follow your own rules, and pave your own path. You are capable of reaching your own version of success by following strategies that don’t feel forced and allow you to be the best version of you (the real, raw, badass you that you’ve been holding back).

But most of all, you don’t have to wait for the right time to do things. You can start living your dream life right now.

build your own design portfolio

A free 10-day challenge that helps you revamp your design portfolio so that it caters to the exact type of people you want to work with, uses the power of brand strategy so that clients are dying to work with you, and is filled with work you’re actually proud of (no more being embarrassed to direct people to your website!).

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