running a business is easier with a co-ceo by your side

I want to feel supported every step of the way!

Helping you expand your brand and visibility so that you start getting seen in all the right places by folks who are ready to invest, all without feeling the need to constantly refresh your Instagram notifications.

you’re ready to scale but are feeling a little stuck

Your offers are freaking bomb but only folks inside your Instagram bubble know about you and your offers (and only a fraction of your followers even consume your content)

It feels like you spend so much time on social media building relationships and it sometimes takes months or even years to get folks to turn into paying clients

You’re feeling stuck with your reach and can’t seem to be able to increase your leads and traffic organically without resorting to paid ads

You love serving the shit out of your community but are tired of all the noise on socials. You wish you had your own space where folks come to you and you could just do your thaaaang

You’re tired of checking your social media every couple of hours in hopes someone voted or inquired about your offers

You crave more wealth and would love to bring in more sales without having to trade more time for money

ughh yessss!!

that sounds all too familiar to me

I remember the moment I decided that I was done hustling my ass off and that I wanted to have my dream life now.

I wanted to work 3-5 hour days. I wanted to have long lunch breaks out on the patio with a cold sangria by my side. I wanted to have all evenings and weekends off to hangout with friends.

I was done feeling like if I wasn't on social media all freaking day, creating content, and keeping tabs on engagement, that I wouldn't make another sale—I wouldn't succeed.

That’s when I decided to strap down and make my dream to build a more freedom-based life a non-negotiable.

And that’s when everything started to shift.

I started to make decisions based on how I wanted to live my life. I started to uncover my own zone of genius and through that, my signature visibility framework that skyrocketed my brand. I started to attract folks who were just as passionate as me and were dying to work together.

Soon enough I was booking out my business and hanging out with friends on their boat while passive income sales poured in.

All of that by simply allowing myself to step into that CEO role, letting people see the real me (flaws and all), and truly believing that there was an easier and more fun way to do the damn thing.

this is exactly what i want

I now make it my mission to help other folks build a business and lifestyle that feels like a whole damn vibe—whatever that looks like to you

what if you had the ability to...

No longer feel glued to your phone and be fully present at dinner knowing that you have multiple ways to attract spicy hot leads into your biz beyond social media

Build up a reputation as the go-to leader in your field where folks feel called to reach out because they’re obsessed with everything you create

Turn cold leads into paying clients in record timing because your leadership and visibility builds next level trust in you and your expertise

Have your own space where folks come to you and you can just do your thaaaang—showing up and creating content without comparison becomes that much easier

To have spikes in traffic throughout the year that turn into the sweet sound of your inbox blowing up with new sign-ups and purchases while you enjoy your third wine tasting of the day


a lil mix and match of client results

what if you were to...

Build a personal brand that people felt a deeper connection to—one that feels like a whole damn vibe—and allows you to build a following of people who want in on all your offers

Leverage visibility through strategic partnerships in order to gain exposure in front of hundreds (if not thousands) of people who are all pre-vetted and a perfect fit for your offers that can funnel seamlessly into your lead magnets and offers

Enhance your client experience in order to blow your client’s minds, have them want to come back and work with you over and over again, rave about you on socials, and even refer all their friends to you

Expand your brand through other platforms like podcasting or email marketing so that you can finally be unapologetic in your content and create deeper connections with your community without getting lost in all the noise of social media

Create offers that you’re beyond excited about that bring in sales on autopilot without you having to take on more clients (aka more white space on your calendar to pick up some new hobbies!)


all that is possible for you...
you just have to decide

private coaching


6-Months of Coaching

Unlimited Coaching Calls

​Unlimited Messaging
(during business hours)

​Content Review
(my eyes on your stuff for feedback)



some of what we can explore together

Brand Expansion, Visibility, Diversifying Your Marketing Beyond Social Media, Podcasting, Passive Income

Leadership, Breaking the Rules + Alignment, Decision Making, Zone of Genius, Frameworks, Boundaries, Outsourcing

Personal Branding

Client Experience, Client Retention, + Increasing Word of Mouth/Referrals

The Foundations (goal setting, making a plan, ideal client, market research, services/offers, positioning, messaging, etc.)

Marketing & Sales (offer creation, planning, promotion, funnels, lead gen, launching, sales, etc.)


client love


What is your coaching style?

I take a hybrid approach when supporting my clients that combines both coaching and mentorship techniques. As a coach, I ask the important questions and challenge you to make decisions for yourself in a way that feels good. As a mentor, I share strategies and guide you based on what I know works.


Yes I do! With the long-term 1:1 container, you have the option to secure a 3 or 6 month contract. There's also an option to sign-up for voxer only coaching (that's message support without the calls).

If you're looking for something different like an intensive, or one of my workshops, feel free to apply and leave a note about that!


Absolutely—there are a couple of payment plans you can take advantage of. There's pay in full, monthly payment plans according to the contract length, and finally our extended payment plan which essentially allows you to pay off the investment in double the amount of months included in the contract. 

ready to get visible and build a brand that's a whole damn vibe?!


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