a podcast series event filled with interviews and lessons from confident leaders teaching you how to become more confident as a thought leader so you can Boldly take up space and spread your mission around the world




i'm totally joining this mission

We've brought together 7 incredible folks from different industries and backgrounds to share with you what it takes to feel truly confident in taking up space

Together, we're on a mission to empower Latinas, Women of Color, Queer, Neurodivergent, and Folks of all walks of life to step into their power through their diversity and start making their mission of impact more visible

any of these sound familiar?

i want to take up more space

SOMEONE SOMEWHERE TOLD YOU YOU'RE NOT ENOUGH—AND YOU BELIEVED THEM—you're too loud, too all over the place, too rambly, too unprofessional, you have an accent... you do not fit in (um.... why would I want to fit in anyway??)

YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'RE NOT *THERE* YET—it's almost as if no matter what you achieve in your business, you still feel like a baby coach or baby service provider (...when will it finally feel like you belong in the room with *them*?!)

YOU DON'T OFTEN SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS OR IDEAS—you know you’re good at what you do, you may even consider yourself a thought-leader (or soon-to-be one), but often find yourself diminishing your unique gifts by trying to do things “their” way

AS YOUR MOST UNAPOLOGETIC AND AUTHENTIC SELF—own all of your unique quirks, your flaws, and everything that society says isn't "enough", to truly stand out and build a powerful brand folks love

IN YOUR VOICE AS A THOUGHT LEADER—take up space + share your perspective on subjects you're passionate about in ways that motivate others to see things differently

BOOKING SPEAKING EGNGAGEMENTS—what you have to say deserves to live beyond social media and the 24-hr window the algorithm gives you to share your message

MAKING YOUR MISSION OF IMPACT WILDLY VISIBLE—share your mission on a larger scale to help break the narrative and spread awareness around the social issues you and your community care so deeply about

THROUGH powerful interviews and lessons around embracing your self, brand, and voice, you'll become more confident...


ready to boldly step into the room, get more visible, and start booking speaking engagements?!

I remember the moment I decided that I was worthy of belonging in the room.

I was so bored with the content I had been putting out until then. Everything felt so stiff and regurgitated. Basically the type of stuff you can easily find on Google.



With this new shift, I started to show up more imperfectly instead of trying to "get it right" by following other people's advice.

I started to embrace more of my brand—the confident parts of my that were too "aggressive", my quirky Latinidad, the way that my brain thinks differently, and the things I care deeply about. 

I also started to embrace the fact that I belonged in the room as I was, and no one could stop me from sharing my own experiences, brilliant ideas, and unique perspectives.

That's when I truly started to embody leadership as a skill.

This led to booking my first in-person speaking event and uncovering my signature visibility framework. It quickly spiralled into booking interviews on top-rated podcasts, getting paid to speak inside masterminds, and speaking in front of thousands of ideal clients who wanted to learn from me specifically.

i was ready to step into thought leadership + to take up space

now i help folks who have a deeper mission of impact, confidently take up space


Confidence & Leadership Coach

Makenzie (she/her) is a Confidence & Leadership Coach elevating female founders into unapologetic industry leaders. She's coached 75+ women from published authors, corporate leaders, school and non-profit founders across 5 continents and has built a half-million dollar business at the age of 26.

With her unique blend of trauma-informed coaching, marketing expertise, and a confidence focus, 100% of her clients have become emotionally and financially richer.

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Makenzie Conklin

Podcast Manager & Podcast Agency Owner

Rosa (she/her) is a quirky Latina—born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—that is now living the dream and traveling the world while working online as a podcast manager.

Rosa empowers mission-led leaders to launch binge-worthy podcasts to amplify their message, and scale their impact & income. She’s the founder of Ideablossoms – a boutique podcast agency that has produced and released over 500 podcast episodes!

She’s also a Projector, Enneagram Type 6 (The Loyal Guardian), and when she’s not doing podcast magic, you’ll probably find her on a beach, sipping some coconut coffee or a piña colada. That’s her happy place!

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Rosa Sarmento

Brand Consultant & Strategist

Wildly Creating is a brand consultancy firm for the freedom-obsessed online entrepreneur who is ready to transform their business into a liberating, true-to-self personal brand, and awaken the industry leader within.

Sonia (she/her), Founder & CEO, is on a mission to guide leaders in infusing themselves into their business so that they can re-invent an audacious, rave-worthy brand that fits like a glove and inspires dream clients to work with them!

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Sonia Moroni Duru

Personality + Conversion Copywriter

Marissa Lima (she/her) is the founder and copywriter behind CopyCrush, a copywriting agency for trailblazing creative entrepreneurs who march to the beat of their own drums.

With a lifelong love of writing, she is passionate about using storytelling and honest sales tactics to help women entrepreneurs build bold, personality-filled brands, amplify their voices, and share their passion and expertise with the world through the power of the written word.

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Marissa Lima

Creative Director + Brand Strategist

Maria (she/her) is the Founder of Maiden Gone Rogue, a visual consultancy studio based in the Tampa Metro Area.

Maria's journey into entrepreneurship began as a way to fuel her inner creative—but it has since become a true passion to help CEOs create rogue brands that defy and redefine "industry standards."

She created MGR to be more than just a “consulting studio"... but a way to show ambitious founders what they are truly capable of. She works with entrepreneurs who have a vision—that’s simply missing the strategy and direction to bring it to life.

Maria loves challenging them, pushing them past their comfort zone(s), and amplifying them in the online space. You know...helping them discover their main character vibe(s)…whatever that might be.

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Maria Grullon

Video Marketing Coach

Natasha (she/her) is the host of the Shine Online Podcast and a Video Marketing Coach for small businesses.

Through her signature group programs and educational content, Natasha helps you build your brand with a confident video marketing strategy that ultimately grows your business, community, and impact simultaneously.

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Natasha Pierre


You'll be able to catch the entire series of interviews and lessons inside the Whole Damn Vibe podcast!

By signing up to the event, you'll not only receive reminders as each item is released, but you'll also gain access to weekly network + cowork sessions for the month of April along with some exciting prizes!

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Each of the speakers is being interviewed on the Whole Damn Vibe podcast, after which they will be releasing their very own lesson on a specific topic designed around their particular expertise in mind. All of it is geared at helping you build confidence in the fact that you DO belong in the room.

These are a place to come together, meet other badass leaders, and practice taking up space. Each week, we host a 2-hr session where the first 30-mins are focused on chats, the next 30-mins are for focused work time to get shit done, and the remainder is usually either network OR cowork depending on your preference!

For the month of April, we'll be putting a big focus on the lessons learned throughout this event—You Belong In The Room. 

PS: sessions are being held on Tuesdays at 10am PST. You will receive full details once you sign-up.

it's time to embrace the fact that you don’t need to DO more, KNOW more, or BE more in order to succeed

ready to boldly step into the room!

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