the collective

An accessible membership focused on helping you feel more confident with your marketing so that folks regularly binge your content, see you as the go-to leader, and feel called to work with you!

From live hot-seat coaching, high-level message support, and a community of fellow highly-driven leaders, you’ll be fully supported as you show up in a way that suits your dream lifestyle.

I'm ready to spice up my marketing

a 12-month marketing membership

there has to be a way to show up that doesn't look like being stuck to your phone all day

heck yes to doing things differently

Being glued to your phone, constantly trying to come up with something to say, and always checking your notifications in hopes your "content converts" is not the vibe. Inside The Collective, we ditch all the boring strategies and rules so that we can help you uncover a much more fun and natural way of showing up that actually works

  • The opposite of consistency. I mean, you try to show up (and maybe even do it often!), but it ends up looking more like you sharing other people's content vs. highlighting how awesome you are

  • You keep trying out different strategies and trends that other “experts” rave about but haven’t really found something that feels really freaking good to you—you’re so tired of forcing yourself to be someone you’re not

  • Talking about your offers but likeee not really sure if it's working?? It feels like you’re a broken record throwing spaghetti at the wall

So far, your “let’s get seen” journey has looked like…


  • Show up more confidently than ever before without even worrying about whether you’re saying “the right thing” and fully trusting yourself

  • Build a community filled with folks you have genuine relationships with—who care about you, see you as a thought leader, and actively consume and engage with your content... And like, are actually ready to invest!

  • Have a simple and sustainable way of showing up to serve, connect, and promote your offers that actually feels good and converts

  • Be booked out 3+ months in advance with a waitlist full of dream clients itching to be the lucky ones to work with you next

you’re ready to find a new way of showing up that feels vibey as heck and actually works—you're ready to...



The Collective was exactly what I needed to take myself from side-hustler to full-time business owner. I first joined the collective because I wanted support in leaving my 9-5 job and did that in the first month of joining. 

I stayed in the collective for the 7 months after that because of the value I got from the community and coaching calls and workshops.

The support from Steph was above and beyond what I expected from a group program, she always made sure you were fully supported. And being able to connect with other entrepreneurs I wouldn't otherwise have connected with was the real prize at the end of all of this. 

I remember the moment I decided that I was done hustling my ass off and that I wanted to have my dream life now.

I was done feeling like if I wasn't on social media all freaking day, creating content, and keeping tabs on engagement, I wouldn't make another sale—I wouldn't succeed.

I was ready for true balance. I wanted shorter workdays and the ability to have long lunch breaks out on the patio while I got my tan on. I wanted to have all evenings and weekends off to hangout with friends. I wanted to take morning bubble baths, play tennis in the evenings, and go on more wine tasting adventures with my wifey.

That’s when I decided to hunker down and make my dream of building a life where emotional wealth, pure happiness, and freedom were non-negotiable. I decided that I wanted to wake up happy, I wanted to stop tying my self-worth to financial success, and I wanted to help others redefine success for themselves.

With this new shift in perspective, I started to make decisions based on how I wanted to live my life instead of how I saw other successful people doing things. I started to break the rules, to show up more unapologetically—confident, quirky, and with no f*cks given. I uncovered my true power through visibility which positioned me as the go-to leader in my field and gained next-level brand recognition and exposure—the kind where new folks hear about you and go “holy shit, thiiiiiis is exactly what I need!”. That’s how I started to attract folks who were just as multi-passionate as me, who had similar values, and who were looking for support in the exact areas I specialized in.

Soon enough, I stopped working 12+ hours each day and welcomed 4-hour workdays, and month-long vacations every year. My new normal became hanging out with friends on their boat while new inquiries came in, passive sales were made, and my business did the heavy lifting for me.

That’s what having a business and life that’s a whole damn vibe looks like to me.

i’ve been in your shoes and daaaamn do i know what it’s like…


you are worthy of taking up space

i want to be seen

It's not just because taking up space allows you to be more visible, get in front of the right audiences, and call in your soulmate clients. You are worthy of taking up space simply because—you are amazing, you have your own perspective on things, and folks would benefit immensely by getting to know all of you

— Ruby

Working with Steph allowed me to build my confidence and be able to raise my prices. She was also able to provide me with many ideas that would help me gain leads and build an email list.

With Steph's help I was able to step into my uniqueness and create what is now my signature framework (because who said we all have to do it the same way). She provided me with so much support!

When a question was asked, she didn't give an answer, she provided top notch responses—1 question would have a multiple step break down to help implement. 

I would 1000% recommend working with Steph to everyone. Steph was amazing to work with! 

the main focus

I AM READY FOR VIBEY marketing that works

Create and expand ways of showing up and running your business that align with who you are, feel less forced, and give you next-level exposure while magnetizing folks to you and your vibe


what's included




1 monthly group coaching call where you can bring to the table what you’re working on or struggling with and have the full support from Steph and the rest of the community to coach, brainstorm, and challenge you to create a business that’s a whole damn vibe


Daily access to Steph and the rest of the community through a messaging app you can use to ask questions, get your butt coached, pick their brain, and celebrate!

The curriculum

Access to various pre-recorded trainings, riffs, challenges, workshops, and bonus resources all created around the key pillar of the program—vibey marketing

MONTHLY social

2-4 monthly cowork and network calls where you can connect with your new biz besties, get some work done, enjoy some laughs, and build life-long friendships



1,470 USD

*save 2-months off the membership!

pricing plans

  • Daily message support

  • 1 Monthly Group Coaching Call

  • Monthly Social Calls

  • Access to the Curriculum

doors closed


147 USD

*12-mth commitment

  • Daily message support

  • 1 Monthly Group Coaching Call

  • Monthly Social Calls

  • Access to the Curriculum


I like the way Steph delivers her trainings, and how respectful the folks in the group are. Everyone gets a chance to talk and ask questions, and the hot-seat coaching sessions are great!

Steph's vibe and way of doing things really resonates with me in general.

I've felt so much pressure from other coaches to have to do what everyone else is doing in order to be successful and Steph has made me realize that that just isn't the case at all, and you can be successful running your business and showing up in a way that works for you! I feel way less stressed now and less caught up in what everyone else is doing.

have you met steph before?!

A quirky latina known as the queen of leadership + visibility who thrives on breaking the rules and prioritizing fun in her life and business.

She specializes in helping folks diversify their marketing outside social media through strategic partnerships that expose them to untapped audiences filled with dream clients ready to invest.

Steph is known for her fiery passion and her signature framework—the exact framework that brought in $22k in sales from one podcast interview alone, got her in front of 6,600 ideal clients who saw her as a leader they could trust, and brought in 1,700 folks into her challenge on the very first week of launching.

When Steph isn't coaching clients on all things business, you can find her with a big glass of red wine, watching Spanish shows on Netflix, and making tacos. Let’s be honest, she's day-dreaming of one day living in a Spanish villa! It's a whole damn vibeeee.


client love & a peek at what's possible

frequently asked questions

What is your coaching style?

I take a hybrid approach when supporting my clients that combines both coaching and mentorship techniques.

As a coach, I ask the important questions and challenge you to make decisions for yourself in a way that feels good. I will never force you to run your business in a specific way as I know the importance of making your own decisions and finding ways to do things that are aligned AF.

As a mentor, I share the exact strategies and concepts that I love the most and that my clients experience the best results with. You literally get direct access to my highly strategic and creative brain.

When does the program start and how long is it?

This membership coaching program has no set start or end date. While we're open for enrollment, you can join and start consuming the content inside of the curriculum and immediately hop into the community to ask questions and receive coaching support. 

You can choose to stay for the year, or stay for as long as you'd like. Several of our members choose to stay for a year+ because of the community and ongoing message support they receive!

What do the monthly coaching calls look like?

The monthly calls are strictly hot-seat-coaching. This means you come prepared with questions or anything you want feedback on inside the live call and both Steph and the rest of the community share their thoughts, feedback, and ideas!

When do the live coaching calls take place?

The monthly calls are typically scheduled on rotation each month—one in the morning, and the other scheduled later on in the day. This makes it so that regardless of your schedule or time zone, you have more flexible call times to attend. If you happen to miss a call, replays will be made available!

Please note availability will have to coincide with the time zone Steph is in during the span of the program (currently PST).

What if I need more private support?

If you find that you want more in-depth support on top of what's already available, you can upgrade to full private coaching. You’ll still have access to the membership and the community, but will also have private coaching calls each month to help dive deeper into your specific goals and business.

What’s the investment? Do you offer payment plans?

The Membership investment is $1470 USD for the full 12-months, with a payment plan option of $147/month. After that, you are free to continue with us on a month-by-month basis.

How do I know if this program is the right fit for me?

In reading this sales page, do you resonate with the content? Do you find that you’re like “uggggghhhh, yes, yes, yes”? If that’s the case, it’s probably because you’re meant to join this program!!

it's time to make showing up feel easier, more fun, and effortless because you know it's working!

this is exactly what i need

Join an intimate membership where marketing and showing up are about having fun, being yourself, and attracting like-minded people to you who would love to work with you.

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