the booked out collective


An accessible membership focused on helping you book consistent design clients 3-months in advance so that you can finally stop worrying about where your next client is coming from and spend more quality time with your loved ones.

From live trainings, hot-seat coaching, high-level message support, and a community of fellow designers, you get full support to build a design business that suits your dream lifestyle (not someone else's).

comparison syndrome is a real struggle for entrepreneurs

Are celebrating $5k & $10k months while you struggle to get clients to approve a simple $1,000 design proposal

Have hundreds of obsessed clients raving about them on IG while you struggle to get your past clients to even submit a testimonial

Manage to have free time to go out to expensive dinners, treat themselves to a spa day, or re-decorate their gorgeous home, while all you ever do is design design design, have your 6th cup of coffee of the day, and keep designing

Make enough money to pay for the endless number of software required to run their business (cue: Adobe Creative Suite, CRM, etc.) and then hire help to scale their businesses (cue: the VA, photographer, OBM, etc.)

Have the time to create passive income offers, launch a podcast, and make fun Reels, when you’re stuck on the 4th revision of a $1,000 project

i want the ceo life

...and so are the constant ups and downs.​

One day you’re feeling *oh-so-high* from excitement and truly believing that you can accomplish absolutely anything, while the next you’re sobbing uncontrollably trying to figure out why everyone else is killing it in their business and you’re on the struggle bus headed nowhere.​

You start to wonder how other designers…

You need to stop comparing yourself.​

You are just as capable as any other designer of having this dream life where the money is less of an obstacle and you have the time to do the things you love.

All you need is a little nudge in the right direction in order to completely transform your business.

You’re a fantastic designer—I’m just waiting for you to step into your CEO shoes

Do you struggle to set boundaries with your clients and end up doing them small favours for free?

​Do you feel like you can’t charge high-ticket prices but also can’t seem to land consistent clients with your current low rates?

Do you worry about where your next client is coming from even when you successfully booked out a month?

You’re not alone.

About 95% of designers struggle with landing clients consistently.

If you’re so good at your craft, why aren’t you landing clients left, right, and center?

Why does it feel like you’re always starting again from scratch?

Why does it feel like you have created another 9-5 for yourself?

The answer is simple. Not everyone has a background in how to run and scale a successful business.

You know the basics and you work your butt off at implementing all of the strategies you’ve put together, but at the end of the day, the results aren’t quite what you were hoping for.

Do you feel alone in your business? Like you have to figure every single thing out by yourself?

Good news: You no longer have to do it all by yourself.

I’m here to help you step into your CEO role.

Not only was I a brand designer just like you, but I went to business school where I studied entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales. I’ve since used that knowledge and expertise to help scale my design business and now I help other designers do the same.

tell me your secrets

...All from someone who has both the creative AND business background to help elevate your business.

Through a combination of live trainings, hot-seat coaching, and ongoing message support, together we will work on the steps needed to bring you closer to:

The Collective is the exact place where you will learn all of the juicy strategies that will help you take your business to the next level

Consistent sales months that give you the flexibility to invest back into your business and splurge on that new Macbook Pro

Setting boundaries that help position you as the CEO that flawlessly handles client needs

Gaining the confidence in yourself to make big CEO decisions like charging high-ticket or hiring Jr. Designers

Having recurring income as well as multiple income streams that make taking weeks & months off a reality

Just because you started your own business doesn’t mean you have to do this alone.

When you join The Collective, you now have your co-CEO by your side guiding you and answering all of your business questions.

Not to mention all of the other creatives inside of The Collective at the ready to cheer you on and give you that much-needed confidence boost!

get ready because The Collective is going to change the way you run your business and the way you envision your future potential for success.

oh, i'm ready!

First, I want to challenge that thought:

Do you actually get all of your questions answered? Or do you only get answers to your design-related questions?

Do you receive advice from leading industry experts or fluffy bits and pieces from other creatives?

This membership is designed to give you BUSINESS coaching support from coaches that specialize in all things business growth.​

From marketing strategies, buyer psychology, sales tactics, back-end systems, and even some mindset, we’re going to help set you up for success, all for a very low-ticket price.

It’s time to join the Booked Out Collective and start prioritizing sustainability through strategic business solutions.

“but I get all of my questions answered inside of Facebook groups for designers... why would I join a paid membership?”

the queen of leadership & visibility

I’m Steph, your designer turned business mentor!​

I wasn’t always confident in my ability to get results. There was a time when I would spend most of my time scouring Facebook group posts looking for design job opportunities without much success. With time however, I started to invest more into my business, learning as much as I could, and implementing key strategies that would help take my design business full-time and hit those $5k months.

As I continued to grow and pivoted into coaching, I’ve been able to support my clients as they too started to hit those $5k and $10k months, land consistent clients months in advance, gain more confidence in their role as a CEO, and even go on to quit their 9-5.

I’m now bringing all of this knowledge and experience into The Collective so that you too can have access to the exact strategies that will help guide you to the next level in your design business.

I can’t wait to see you inside of The Collective!

I'm in!

member love

wouldn’t you love it if...

You were booked out 3+ months in advance with a waitlist full of dream clients itching to be the lucky ones to work with you next?

You could double or even triple your prices, and have clients ready to say YES right on the sales call?

You could upgrade that old laptop—the one with the loud fan—with a brand new 16” Macbook Pro that you paid for IN FULL? And still have some cash leftover to splurge on a stand-up desk?

You could take an entire month off to spend time with your family at your favourite all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, order unlimited cervezas while you lounge in your cute one-piece bathing suit, without having to worry about your business crumbling down?

bring on the cervezaS

You are capable of this and so much more, and I want to help you realize that.

It’s time to give you the tools and set you on your way.

what's included inside of The Collective

don't have to ask me twice!

ready to book out your design biz?!

private community


Weekly coaching support to help get you unstuck and answer all of your questions

Weekly threads to help keep you accountable, foster a deeper sense of community, encourage collaboration, and help celebrate your wins

Live trainings (+ replays!) curated to address your specific needs. You want help with a specific topic? Ask and you shall receive

Hot-seat coaching and Q+A calls to help address items as they come up



Monthly social events to help foster a deeper sense of community, find new business besties, and have fun!

Have a more specialized question? We will have expert guest coaches come in to educate on their specific zone of genius so that you get the BEST support possible

guest speakers

Jessica Sealey
speaking on intuitive sales

Natasha Zoryk
speaking on Buyer Psychology

Wendy Pu
speaking on Imposter Syndrome

Carli Anna
speaking on Charging $10k

& more guests to come!

the investment

let's do this

monthly payment

147 USD

*3-month min. commitment

member love

I know how hard it can be to make time to work ON your business as well as IN it

let's do this!

The Collective is your monthly (or even weekly) non-negotiable commitment to make the time to prioritize your business.

​Time to step into your CEO role and start making bank!


What topics will be covered inside of the collective?

This membership will be structured based on the needs of the members. That means that we will cover what you currently need support with. With that said, you can expect to see trainings and support around landing clients, enhancing your process, and more.

When does the program start?

This is an ongoing “membership”. That means that as soon as you sign-up, you gain immediate access to the collective and all of the previous trainings.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you decide you no longer want to be a part of the collective, you can certainly leave after the initial 3-month commitment is over.

I'm in a different time zone as you. Will there be any live calls in my time zone?

Yes! I'm putting all live calls on rotation so that they fall at different times that work for everyone. That means some days I'll be hosting them during *my* mornings, afternoons, or evenings. Just not at night (my time).​

If you can't join a live call because of a prior commitment, all calls will be recorded and available for replay. You can even submit your questions ahead of time so they're addressed on the call.

Will you be teaching design skills?

No. This membership is focused around business skills and development. The expectation is that you already have a background in design (even if self-taught) and are looking for support in growing your business.

I've been there before, wanting to work with a coach but wasn't ready to invest $1k plus a month

this is exactly what i need

When you join The Collective, you get the benefit of high-touch support from a coach for designers, for an incredibly low-ticket investment.

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